Company Profile & History

DuraCap International Incorporated traces its roots back to 1916 when Philip Rogers Mallory manufactured tungsten filament wire for light bulb manufacturers. P. R. Mallory met inventive scientist Samuel Ruben in the 1920s and together developed the mercury cell forerunner to the alkaline manganese battery that became the Duracell. P.R. Mallory moved his headquarters to Indianapolis in 1924 and the Mallory brand was patented in 1926. The Mallory Duracell battery was introduced in 1964. Today the brand is a world leader in battery technology.

Mallory also produced other components such as capacitors, timer switches, metallurgical products ( Mallory Alloys ) and variable induction tuning devices. The company expanded operations into 8 states and also Brazil and Canada. The timer switch, capacitor and metallurgical divisions participated in the creation of Johnson Matthey and Mallory with partners Johnson Matthey (UK) and P.R. Mallory Ltd ( Indianapolis ) as a joint venture in Toronto in 1946.

The timer switch operation was relocated to Woodstock in 1970 and the capacitor operation was relocated to Stratford in 1973. The timer switch and capacitor businesses were consolidated in 1977 to the Woodstock facility.

In 1978 P. R. Mallory was acquired by Dart Industries the owner of Rexall Drugs, Tupperware and wanted the rights for Duracell. Dart merged with Kraft in 1980 and they spun Duracell off to equity group KKR in 1988 who took it public a year later. It was acquired by Gillette in 1996 and by Proctor and Gamble in 2005.

The US capacitor and timer divisions were acquired by Emhart in 1979 and Black and Decker acquired Emhart in 1989. P.R. Mallory was renamed Mallory Controls and was acquired by Emerson Electric in 1991. Emerson Electric, located in St. Louis, Missouri also acquired many other well known companies such as Copeland Refrigeration, Rosemont, Liebert UPS Systems, Fisher Controls, Knurr AG., Artesyn Technologies and Aperature.

DuraCap acquired the Mallory capacitor, wire wound resistor and variable induction tuner businesses from Emerson Electric in 1993.

Our Woodstock facility, located in southwestern Ontario at the intersection of highways 401 and 403, is half way between Toronto and Detroit. Here, we currently have the capacity for 80,000 capacitors per month.

DuraCap International Incorporated continues to manufacture the Mallory computer grade CG, CGS, CGR, CGH and CGO series along with the extreme application power EAP, EAL, EAW, EAF and EASB series aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Our customer focus is rail propulsion inverters, industrial, mining, power storage and conditioning and uninterruptable power supplies.

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